GREEN GROUP and ECOTIC start winter cleaning with SIGUREC MOBIL, a collecting service for used electronics

de | Dec. 20, 2016 | News

The campaign “The Diligent Man Recycles, SIGUREC MOBIL Rewards” is addressed to the citizens of Bucharest who currently own used electrical and electronic equipment and want to hand it over in the easiest way possible, using SIGUREC MOBIL - the home collection service.ecotic-a5

People can call SIGUREC MOBIL by using the SIGUREC smartphone application or calling the number on display; they are instantly rewarded with discount vouchers or sums of money. At the end of the campaign, participants can win one of 20 vacuum cleaners.

“If we make an inventory of the things we have at home, we will discover that many of them are out of use. By downloading the app or just by making a call, we can clear the space used by an air conditioning device, a TV set or a coffee machine by using the home collection service, and thus we can be sure that the equipment makes it to the recycling factory Green WEEE in Buzau ”, says Anda Stancu, Communication Manager Green Group.

The SIGUREC MOBIL collection service integrates performant systems for waste collection; all trucks are equipped with weighing devices and operate on intelligent software that registers all transactions in real time. Thus, precise and clear data are gathered, like the weight of the collected waste. At the same time, the application registers and monitors collection performance and calculates the CO2 quantity saved by the correct handling of waste.

The main objective of the campaign is the development of a responsible attitude of the general public towards WEEE; by using SIGUREC MOBIL, waste is safely directed to recycling facilities in Romania.

Some interesting facts about recycling:

Recycling a refrigerator saves 2800 kg of CO2, the equivalent of 13,000 km made by car.

Recycling a monitor saves 745 liters of drinking water and prevents the generation of the same amount of residual water. The same quantity of water is used for 10 showers.

A CTR TV pollutes 50 sqm of soil for 30 years.