Friends of the environment during the pandemic - XNUMXth edition with Cezar Caluschi

de | Dec. 22, 2020 | Articles, News

We end a year with many challenges, but which inspired us, on the other hand. In this note, we bring a final interview in this project. Mr. Cezar Caluschi is with us at the end of the year and reveals to us what his thoughts are and how he felt the pressure of the pandemic.

Mr. Cezar Caluschi is an entrepreneur, passionate about marketing and communication. He has successfully developed and sold several media and advertising companies. He now leads "People and Companies", an organization specializing in B2B and professional marketing, which he founded in 2000. People and Companies manages its own ecosystem of 28 digital platforms and delivers marketing services to over 100 business and professional communities.

ECOLOGICAL: What activities did you carry out during this period spent at home?

Cezar Caluschi: The pandemic has transformed us digitally. The pandemic meant, as it was for many people, more time spent in online activities: meetings and discussions with partners, digital presentations or webinars. This felt more acute in our country because we are a marketing company and since March all our activities and services have been 100% online. In business, this digitalization has led to better time management: I gained a few hours a day that I used to lose on the road, in taxis or on planes, between meetings. This increased the number of interactions with partners and colleagues, because we had more time. Of course, the charm of face-to-face meetings, discussions for breakfast, lunch or a business dinner has disappeared. I really missed them. Even those few hours of weekly travel by plane, which then seemed tiring to me, now I also miss: I met friends, exchanged ideas, talked, socialized. The pandemic has taken these things away from us.

ECOTIC: What do you think were the benefits for the environment during this period?

Caesar Caluschi: Environmental impact, both good and bad. If I think about how the period March-December 2020 affected the environment, both benefits and less positive aspects come to mind. On the positive side, I would note the decrease in some nuisances generated by the use of both land and air transport. On the other hand, it is clear that the consumption of packaging for online commerce has increased a lot, for example; I have seen in the last 9 months mountains of cardboard and plastic boxes in dumpsters. With the return to normalcy, in 2021, transport and fuel consumption will certainly explode again and we will again have a noticeable negative impact on the environment; However, in terms of online commerce, its advance will remain and we will have to learn how to manage the story with the packaging; for the time being, I do not think we are ready because too few communities apply selective waste collection correctly.

ECOLOGICAL: Have you decided to change something in your daily work, related to environmental protection?

Caesar Caluschi: Resolution 2021: sustainability. I pay attention to these details because for several years we have been making efforts at home and in the office to respect the collection rules. If I were to propose a personal environmental resolution for 2021, it would be to learn from young people, in my case from our children, who are much more attentive than we are to environmental challenges and sustainable behavior that we should to have it everywhere we do activities.

Thanks to Mr. Cezar Caluschi for the interview!

On this occasion, we wish him and all the readers a happy holiday and a happy new year!