Exchange of experience Romania - Slovenia

de | February. 1, 2013 | News


The ECOTIC team received a visit from a Zeos representative at the end of January ( ), the largest collective organization in Slovenia.

The exchange of information, good practices in the operational area and awareness projects were the elements discussed in this exchange of experience.

Zeos was founded in 2005 and accounts for about 70% of Slovenia's market share. In this country, the WEEE collection performance exceeded 4kg / inhabitant / year but this result is below the target imposed by the new Directive, that of 40-45% of EEE placed on the market. For its manufacturers, Zeos also takes over the responsibilities towards batteries and accumulators as well as those for packaging.

 Both Zeos and ECOTIC are active members of the WEEE Forum, both organizations strongly supporting the implementation of WEEELABEX standards in the field of WEEE treatment-recycling, in order to reduce the existing discrepancies between Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe.