From February 17, the students from Iași find out about the Iași Municipal Collection Center

de | February. 17, 2016 | News

Between February 17 and March 14, 2016, ECOTIC, with the support of the City Hall of Iași and Salubris, conducts an extensive communication campaign in all schools in Iași, at grades V-VIII, to inform students about the opening in their city of the first municipal waste collection center in Romania.label remesh

 On March 10, 2016, the Iași Municipal Collection Center (CMCI) officially opens in Iași. It is the first municipal waste collection center opened in our country, respecting European standards and being co-financed by Norway Grants.

The center was placed in a location easily accessible to the population, on Str. Gardeners no.26. At the moment, Romania lacks such collection centers, where the population can easily reach, either on foot or by car, and can hand over all types of waste that exist in a household. Plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, textiles, construction, electrical and electronic waste can all be brought to the center.

"My clean Iași" is an interesting and interactive campaign, in which students from Iași will receive information about the opening of the Iași Municipal Collection Center, about where, how and what they can bring there. They will be encouraged to share information with those close to them and will receive concrete data on the situation of collection and waste in our country, why this affects us all and how we can all contribute to the cleanliness of our home - be it our home or our city.

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Details about the entire "STEPS FOR WEEE" project here.

The project is the subject of the “STEPS FOR WEEE” financing contract within the Innovation Norway - Norway Grants 2009-2014 financing session.