"Horizon 2020: Romania a recycling society?", XNUMXnd Edition

de | July. 8, 2014 | News

On June 11, 2014, the second edition of the Round Table "Horizon 2020: Romania a recycling society?" Took place, the event being organized by Revista Ecologic under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

The meeting between the environmental authorities and the industry representatives, mediated by Revista Ecologic, was a working one, in which they tried to identify the causes that placed Romania for too long the last places in all European Union countries, in terms of waste recycling. Following the discussions, some of the causes of the current situation in which Romania appears in the Eurostat report with a percentage of 1% recycling and 99% municipal waste storage were identified.

The non-recognition of some realities, a series of incorrect legislative provisions and, last but not least, the practices of some public administration institutions are causes of the incomplete reports sent to the European Commission by Romania.

The way in which the environmental legislation in Romania has been elaborated so far, without a real public consultation, without giving the possibility to the important actors in the field to express their points of view, and not infrequently only in the interest of certain business groups, is but the main cause of the current situation.

The most important decision taken during the event, proposed by the Minister of Environment Attila Korody and accepted during the debate, was the establishment in the shortest possible time of working groups at ministerial level from which to make representatives of the environmental industry and organizations. taking over responsibilities that, through volunteering and active involvement, contribute to the elaboration of legislative proposals and environmental policies that directly affect them.

The event was attended by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Attila Korodi, the Secretary of State of MMSC, Adrian Faca, the director of the Directorate of Waste and Hazardous Substances within MMSC, Cosmin Teodoru, the President of the Environment Fund Administration, Adrian Gearap and the President of the National Agency Environmental Protection, Nagy Zoltan Levente. The organizations taking over the responsibilities, the members of the OPP REMAT organization, the members of the Romanian Sanitation Association and other economic operators in the field of waste management were invited.

Representatives from: ECOTIC, Eco-Rom Ambalaje SA, Environ, SNRB, Ecopack Management, Ecologic 3R and Eco X participated on behalf of the organizations taking over responsibilities. Representatives of: Sota Group 21 SA, CIROM, participated on behalf of the economic agents. Rematholding SRL, Greenweee International SA, Can Pack Romania, AS Metal COM SRL, Romrecycling SRL, Renault Romania, OPP REMAT, Remat Brasov and others. Representatives of APIA and Bucharest City Hall also participated.

The opening of the debates was made by Matei Dumitru, director of Ecological Magazine, who presented a current situation in the field of waste management, as it appears in official documents, which records a percentage of 1% recycling of municipal waste, European Commission recommendations and sheet sent to Romania by the European Commission. 

Valentin Negoita, president of ECOTIC stated during the meeting: "It would be welcome to continue this meeting in the sense that some issues that are being discussed now will be marked and followed. Otherwise we just risk meeting and that's it. Continuity involves not only meetings, but also the pursuit of a grid of problems with data, managers, achievements. Regarding the GD that involves the transposition of the new Directive on electrical and electronic waste, it must be said that it has been delayed and that we involved in the selective collection and recycling of WEEE have lost the thread as they say. I don't think it's a problem in terms of volumes, at least this year, because each of us here still sees the quantities we have to collect, the targets we have assumed, but we need to know, at least for 2015, what the horizon is, what the targets are, what the responsibilities are. I propose to the representatives of the environmental authorities what the Anglo-Saxons call enforcement. The lack of continuous enforcement is demotivating. "  

During the meeting, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Attila Korodi, Mihail Faca, Secretary of State of MMSC, Andrei Orban, President of ENVIRON, Sorin Popescu, General Manager of ECO-ROM AMBALAJE, Adin Ionescu, General Manager of ECO PACK MANAGEMENT, Dumitru Gheorghe spoke. , president of OPP REMAT, Marinela Dracea, executive director of CIROM, Mihai Sofian, general manager of REMATHOLDING, Magdalena Iuga, director of the Waste Department within the City Hall, Marius Costache, executive director of GREENWEEE INTERNATIONAL, Cornel Brezuica, representative of OPP REMAT, Gabriel Moiceanu, executive director ADI SERV-SAL ARGES, Doru Iorga, general manager ECOLOGIC 3R, Florin Brabete, general manager ECO ANVELOPE SA, Dragos Doru, manager CAN-PACK ROMANIA, Constantin Apostol, manager AS METAL COM.  

In order to overcome this obstacle definitively, Revista Ecologic will launch in September, www.ccmediu.ro, the first online debate platform for legislative proposals, a platform to which all economic agents in Romania will have access.

The full article can be accessed here: http://www.ecologic.rec.ro/articol/read/politici-economie/10643/