The Transposition of the European standard regarding preparation for reuse of e-waste

de | septum. 15, 2020 | News, News

Reuse is the second most important step in the waste hierarchy with a view towards preventing waste generation. The implementation in Romania of the European standard for the preparation for reuse of e-waste is meant to ensure a guarantee of quality for the reconditioned equipment.

This year, ECOTIC and the Coalition for a Circular Economy (CERC) supported the Romanian National Standardization Body (ASRO) with their expertise for the transposition of the international standard for repairing e-waste - AND 50614: 2020 into Romanian language. The standard applies to the processes for the preparation for reuse of electrical and electronic waste and provides a framework in order to guarantee consumers quality and safety of the reconditioned EEE.

Reuse and Preparation for Reuse represent an important pillar in the Circular Economy, helping to reduce social disparities in disadvantaged backgrounds by providing digitalization access with a lower cost. In the circular economy, waste becomes an important resource, thus aiding to a more efficient resource management, particularly when electronic devices can be repaired and still be used. Likewise, reuse helps in diminishing the quantities of devices that end up as waste and extends the lifespan and the use of the equipment.

By performing specific operations of sanitation, repairing, testing, monitoring of electrical compliance, quality control, labeling and packaging, preparation for reuse is superior to recycling, contributing to the extension of use and thus to the efficient management of resources. Another positive aspect is the promotion and creation of jobs in organizations that will be legally involved in preparing WEEE for reuse.

This standard represents an important step in Romania towards legislative norms that will formalize the way in which specific WEEE reconditioning operations are carried out.