Green Day in your Organization! finally

de | Dec. 6, 2012 | campaign

Presentation of the campaign winners  "Green Day in your organization"! 

Figoglass Romania is the winner of the Grand Prize in this competition, handing over 41.162 kg of WEEE!

The winners of the 10 bicycles provided by ECOTIC to the companies that handed over WEEE are:

  1. Frigoglass Romania
  2. Xerox Romania
  3. ABT & CO
  4. Rompetrol Downstream
  5. General Turbo
  6. Long live Romania
  7. Real, -hypermarket Baia Mare
  8. Public Health Directorate Miercurea Ciuc
  9. Lorimax 2000 Impex
  10. "Matei Bals" National Institute of Infectious Diseases

The winners of the 5 bicycles provided by Recolamp in this project are:

  1. Thermal, Suceava
  2. Lumitronic
  3. Carrefour Orchid
  4. Revision of Grivita Wagons
  5. RHM Pants

The awarding of the winners will take place on December 13, 2012, during the Awards Gala for a Clean Environment! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Green Day campaign in your Organization! 

The press release given by the organizers at the end of this campaign is available here.

Information about the contest is available here.