Again together, for a clean environment in Botosani!

de | October. 20, 2014 | campaign

ECOTIC, Urban Serv Botosani, the Agency for Environmental Protection, the City Hall and Modern Calor have once again joined forces with the inhabitants of Botosani, for a clean environment. Between October 01st and November 07th, the people of Botosani are invited to hand over at least 10 kg of waste electrical and electronic equipment in a responsible way, the instant prize being with a useful and modern accessory for this autumn. Through this responsible gesture, we all gain a cleaner environment.

The organizers want that during this period, together with the inhabitants of Botosani, to be taken another step on the road we are traveling together in the direction of adopting a healthy lifestyle and the correct recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

A decisive factor in transforming the gesture of selective collection into a habit is determined by the awareness of the danger of these equipments from the moment they become waste. WEEE contains toxic substances such as mercury and other heavy metals or various bromides. Even in small quantities, they pollute the soil, water and air. The health of each of us depends on the simple gesture of responsibly handing over any waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Also, by the correct recycling of WEEE are recovered secondary raw materials that we will find in new products, which involves reducing the consumption of raw materials and therefore, protecting natural resources.

Between October 01st and November 07th, people who hand over at least 10 kg of waste electrical and electronic equipment to special collection points instantly receive a modern and very useful seasonal accessory this fall, and we all benefit from a more environment. clean.

The collection points are:

AGRI-FOOD MARKET (str. Vârnav, no. 22 - Parking Viilor Square), with a schedule every Monday, between 9:00 - 16:00;

ASSOCIATION no. 36 (str. Aprodu Purice - behind the Useful Store Railway Station), with a schedule every Tuesday and Thursday, between 9:00 - 16:00;

ASSOCIATION no. 63 (str. Independenței, opposite Serconf), with the following schedule: Wednesday, between 9:00 - 16:00 and Friday, between 9:00 - 13:30; 

Those who have waste of large and voluminous electrical and electronic equipment can schedule together with SC Urban Serv SA Botosani at the phone numbers 0231 / 517.007 and 0747.081.027 their free takeover, by a specialized team. Applications received outside the announced program will be accepted at the telephone number: 0741 345 661. All participants who wish to hand over WEEE in this way will benefit from the same rights to participate in the project as persons who hand over WEEE at the collection points mentioned above .

We can all collect and dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment responsibly. FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT!

Details about the project and how this waste can be handed over responsibly can be found by accessing and

The rules of this campaign are available here.