Assoclic 2012

de | nov. 13, 2012 | campaign



ASSOCLIC is a project led by Ateliere fara frontiere together with the partners, among which is ECOTIC. The mission of this project is noble and practice: bridging the information and supporting disadvantaged groups through provision of IT equipment refurbished by Ateliere fara frontiere.


ASSOCLIC started in 2007, this year being carried out on three stages. For the third and final stage in 2012, 250 computers were allocated from registered 184 projects registered 145 were eligible.


ASSOCLIC is open to NGOs (associations, foundations, federations), schools, colleges, accredited educational institutions (colleges / universities), kindergartens, public museums, libraries, state and social institutions that present a project in one of the eligible areas: education, integration and training, social inclusion for disadvantaged people.


Project evaluation criteria are: project relevance, social and cultural impact, impact local economic and professional project cycles and global appreciation.


ASSOCLIC results are available on the dedicated website.