The 2014 edition of Afforestation Day

de | April. 4, 2014 | campaign

On April 04, 2014, ECOTIC carried out together with its partners the second edition of the "Afforestation Day" project. This year too, the planting action took place in the commune of Voluntari near Bucharest. Through the joint effort of all those present, over 150 maple seedlings were planted.

The seedlings were provided by the Institute of Forestry Research and Management, as well as the tools. The representatives of the institute made a small demonstration at the beginning of the act, so that those present could plant the berries correctly, and their degree of attachment should be as high as possible.

The weather was suitable for planting seedlings, the good will and the desire to carry out activities FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT also marked this edition of the project organized by ECOTIC and dedicated to partners and the environment.

Thanks to everyone involved!

The first edition of this project took place in April 2013, the archive being available here.