We learn to selectively collect WEEE in Otopeni as well

de | septum. 13, 2013 | campaign


 Between September 27 and October 4, ECOTIC together with the City Hall and Urban SA carried out an awareness project and at the same time, the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment from the population in the area. Useful information to the general public was made available by the organizers through flyers, and the tent where WEEE was collected during this period was located near the town hall. 

A total of 5.000 flyers were distributed during the campaign, 88 pieces of WEEE were handed over, weighing 323 kg, but also used batteries and accumulators.

Those who handed in old or used electrical equipment were rewarded with an eco award * - a plant that would recall one of the benefits of selective collection. For a Clean Environment!







* within the available stock.