International Conference “Mechanisms for selective collection and recycling of aluminum cans. Romania face to face with the great countries of Europe "

de | May 20, 2013 | News

On the occasion of the International Conference “Mechanisms for selective collection and recycling of aluminum cans. Romania face to face with the big countries in Europe ”, organized between May 16 and 17 in Bucharest by the Alucro Association, the latest results regarding the recycling of aluminum cans in the country were announced. Romania recycles almost 30% of the doses placed on the market.

For two days, Romania was on the map of the most important events in Europe addressed to the aluminum can recycling industry. Representatives of the largest recycling and collection factories in Europe and Romania, as well as local authorities, the business sector and NGOs, met in Bucharest to discuss the impact and efficiency of existing programs at the national level. Through ALUCRO, Romania is thus one of the countries where the "Every Can Counts" program is carried out, a European platform that promotes the recycling of aluminum cans and which aims to implement a long-term selective collection system at home, office or during public events (festivals, shows, etc.). Program directors from France, Austria and the United Kingdom participated in the conference in an exchange of experience with their colleagues in Romania. "Every Can Counts" was recently launched in Ireland and Hungary, and will be taken over by other major European countries. 

ALUCRO invited the ECOTIC Organization to participate in this conference, the invitation coming on the background of the projects developed in partnership this year, information - awareness - collection projects. Both organizations, although they manage different types of waste - aluminum cans (Alucro) and WEEE (ECOTIC), believe in partnerships through which informing and raising public awareness about the harmfulness of improperly collected or randomly disposed waste is done in a unitary way.

On May 17, ECOTIC, represented by Claudia Nicolae - communications manager, presented to the audience the projects carried out in 2013, receiving positive feedback especially from guests in Europe.

The conference was also an opportunity for the exchange of experience and for drawing up future partnerships in the field of constinetization projects.

The end of the conference was marked by a visit to the UPS Romania headquarters, where the Alucro program, "Every Can Counts" was officially launched.