"Be ECO" - the call for a new eco-education project

de | mart. 4, 2020 | News

Students from 20 schools in Bucharest and neighboring counties will become more environmentally responsible in the project.

Between March 2 and June 10, The ECOTIC Association, ECOTIC BAT SRL and the Carpatho-Danubian Center for Geoecology hold the competition "Be ECO" in 20 schools in Bucharest and neighboring counties. Its purpose is to inform and raise awareness of students, teachers, parents, but also the general public in order to form eco-civic skills towards the environment.

The 20 participating schools are part of the Eco-Schools and LeAF programs - "Let's learn about the forest" implemented by CCDG in Romania, in the school year 2019 - 2020.

The project focuses on raising awareness among children about the proper collection of waste batteries and accumulators, light bulbs and neons, including a competition collection of this waste. In this sense, each participating school will receive from the organizers an environmental protection manual and from ECOTIC, separate collection containers. The first three schools to collect the most waste of batteries and light bulbs and neon lights in relation to the number of students enrolled in the competition will be the winners.

At the same time, the students' creativity will be tested by making journals on environmental protection topics. Following the judging, the most creative journal will receive a special prize from the organizers.

"It is a project that addresses the youngest generation, those we consider the engine of change. The project wants to educate the little ones regarding the separate collection of these types of waste in the hope that they in turn will also educate the community in which they live ”says Diana Trifu, head of ECOTIC communication.