The second stage of the "Recycling Station" Brasov begins, ECOTIC campaign dedicated to the rural environment

de | October. 17, 2016 | News

"Recycling Station" is an information and waste collection campaign for electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), launched by ECOTIC in June 2016 and dedicated to the rural environment in Romania. After crossing Iasi County, The "Recycling Station" now passes through the villages in Brasov County, starting the second stage of the campaign; from October 18, 2016, other 5 localities from Brasov will be visited, with the help of the Institution of the Prefect of Brasov County, the Agency for Environmental Protection Brasov and DEDEMAN.

In the context in which, since 2016, Romania has a mandatory national target for the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) of 40%, ECOTIC launched, in 2016, two national awareness and collection campaigns - one dedicated to the environment urban (Clean Cities) and one dedicated to the rural environment (Recycling Station) meant to cover the territory as well as possible and to send the message of the need to collect and recycle WEEE correctly to a wider audience.

After passing through the villages in Iasi County, the "Recycling Station" arrived in Brasov County and completed the first stage, visiting 5 localities (Moieciu, Bran, Zarnesti, Vulcan and Cristian) and collecting 4 tons of WEEE.

The second stage of the campaign starts on October 18, 2016, and will have the following route:

  • Ghimbav - October 18-20
  • Dumbravita - October 21-23
  • Bod - October 24-26
  • Harman - October 27-29
  • Sanpetru - October 30 - November 1

The inhabitants of the localities crossed by the "Recycling Station" will be encouraged to hand over WEEE correctly and will be able to participate, thus, in a raffle with attractive prizes.

Until the end of November, the ECOTIC Caravan will visit 15 Brasov localities.