ECO JOURNALISM FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: The House of Plants in the Country

de | aug. 20, 2018 | News

                                                              Country House of Plants


Căsuța Plantelor is an initiative of some young people from Transylvania, Alba, who were united by the same vision and a common dream, that of bringing together people who want to return to a way of living authentic, simple and creative, in full harmony with the environment. Becoming aware that nothing belongs to us and that we have no right to dominate nature, our doors to a new world have opened. This world exists both outside us, in the environment in which we choose to live, and inside us, in the depths of being.

It is a magical and everyday space at the same time, which is revealed to us as we observe, listen and look with respect at everything around us. In this way we can perceive the perfect balance between the living beings of the planet, be they plants, people, animals, and penetrate the great mysteries of nature that we humans can access only when we align with its rhythms and come to respect and appreciate really what we have.

Here, at the House of Plants, we know that it is essential to know as much as possible about how nature has chosen to offer us its gifts and to help as many people as possible to (re) discover them. Plants of spontaneous flora are found everywhere… even in the courtyards of blocks of flats and in city parks, but they live there unnoticed or even despised.

Their effects are much stronger compared to those cultivated, and their strength increases as the environment in which they develop is clean, away from pollution and chemical fertilizers.
There are many edible, healing, tinctorial plants that have almost fallen into oblivion and are patiently waiting to be rediscovered.

The abilities of wild plants are so developed that they evolve according to the needs of those who live near them. Thus, we can see how, after a while of moving to a new home, the diversity of plants in the yard changes in such a way as to give us exactly what we personally need.

The House of Plants is the place where people are invited to rediscover nature and the gifts that it, when cared for and respected, offers us. Here are organized meetings for those who want to enter this world of harmony and make plant recognition trips, make herbs, learn how to prepare various herbal dishes, make teas and processing laboratories where you can get cosmetics, soaps, oils and other wonders - completely natural.

In addition to these activities, creativity is very important at the Plant House. Therefore, music, woodworking, pottery, wool felting, dyeing fabrics with dyeing plants, etc. are also organized.

Since 2017, the Plant House has been part of a network that has already existed for several decades in Italy, consisting of over 30 locations where all activities have in common the wild plants. For now, the Plant House in Țarină is the only one of its kind in Romania, but we hope that this network will grow here as well, on our lands. It is important to have people who know nature so well and what it can offer us, if it is clean and neat. One can thus recreate a culture of the environment, in order to be able to transmit to others the importance of reconnecting with plants, with nature, with a large part of our essence and what sustains us.


Mirela Lazurca