The results of the "Recycling Station" in the first stage in Hunedoara County

de | April. 4, 2018 | News

Recycling Station, the itinerant ECOTIC campaign, dedicated to the collection of used electrical and electronic equipment from rural areas, started on March 15, 2018, in the first stage in Hunedoara County. At the end ofmy stage, 9 tons of WEEE were collected from the first 5 localities on the Hunedoara route. The campaign continues with another stage; until the end, the ECOTIC Caravan will pass through 10 localities in Hunedoara County.

This year, Romania has the obligation to reach a target of 45% collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). In this context, ECOTIC continues its efforts to raise awareness among the population in order to hand over WEEE to specialized collection points.

„Recycling Station" it is the ECOTIC campaign that pursues this objective mainly in rural areas. Together with local public and environmental authorities, ECOTIC informs residents of up to fifteen localities in each county visited on the need to collect WEEE and provides a mobile collection point - Caravan ECOTIC - where this waste can be brought and handed over for recycling.

In 2018, the campaign continues in Hunedoara County, with the support of the Ministry of Environment, Hunedoara County Council and ADI Hunedoara. Between March 15-29, 2018, the first stage of the Hunedoara campaign took place, being visited five localities: Gurașada, Dobra, Vețel, Băcia and Călan.

They were collected 9 tons of WEEE, about 3000 visitors handing over for collection 550 used electrical equipment.

Until the end of the Hunedoara campaign, the ECOTIC Caravan will take the Recycling Station to 10 localities in the county.