"We are the promoters of WEEELABEX standards in Romania" Interview Dragoș Călugăru - Ecological Magazine

de | February. 9, 2016 | News

"We cannot have a future other than the one in which we respect the law and care about those around us, and these standards guide you how to DCyou prove it. ” Dragoș Călugăru, General Manager of ECOTIC

You can't get too far if you don't have a clear vision of the destination. The same is true for the WEEE collection and recycling industry in Romania. A few years ago, the ECOTIC organization started a unique approach in Central and Eastern Europe: aligning the operating standards of Romanian WEEE management companies with the European standards WEEELABEX. The end of 2015 brought the first results.

At the beginning of February, Dragoș Călugăru was invited by Revista Ecologic to share his and ECOTIC's thoughts on obtaining WEEELABEX certification, for the first time for Romania and Central and Eastern Europe, by two Romanian equipment waste treatment companies and electronic (WEEE): Remat Holding and Green WEEE International. The result of years of constant and hard work, these certifications are an essential step in ensuring standards that mean more safety, more efficiency in recovering fractions, more transparency in tracking flows and, ultimately, a market. what can really work for the benefit of Romanian communities.

The interview is available here.