Do you feed the "monsters in the pit"? - Find out what is collected separately by accessing the quiz

de | October. 19, 2020 | News

Bucharest, October 19. Seneca EcoLogos Ecological Education Center in collaboration with ECOTIC launched the quiz on separate waste collection rules "The monsters in the pit"

In Romania we capitalize only 14% of the total recyclable materials. The rest go directly to the landfill or incinerator, polluting the soil, water and air with: methane, microplastic, leachate, dioxin, carbon dioxide, slag, etc. Romania is in sanctioning situation from the European Union.

Through this quiz you will discover the rules of separate collection and ways to reduce the volume of waste from your own household that ends up in the landfill or incinerator.

"In the 7 minutes you play the quiz, you have time to make some decisions about your trash that saves the earth, both the soil and the planet, from hundreds of years of pollution. I think this game is worth your time! ” - Anastasia Staicu, Vice President of the SNK Association

"Many of us want to be reconciled with the thought that we have recycled what is left after consuming something. This is a behavior we want to encourage. However, things are not so simple and few materials are really recyclable and that if they are clean and put correctly in the dedicated container. How we can help recycling starts with rethinking shopping and assessing post-consumer impact. We want non-recyclable products and packaging to become history, not only through the pressure of the European Commission but especially through the pressure of consumers. We are putting a brick in this direction today, launching this quiz ”. - Dragoș Călugăru, General Manager of ECOTIC

About Seneca Ecologists:

The mission of the Seneca EcoLogos Ecological Education Center is to reduce Romania's ecological footprint by saving resources. We do this through training programs that change mindsets and behaviors at the group level, in companies and in schools. In four years of activity, we have reached over 180 courses with 2500 people in 15 localities in 13 counties.

Seneca EcoLogos is an initiative of the SNK Association that contributes to building a sustainable society, along with the other projects of the association: Seneca Publishing House - the first green publishing house in Romania that publishes the most important environmental and philosophy titles and Seneca AntiCafe, a space for time of value, which hosts events to promote ecology.


ECOTIC is the first organization of producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in Romania, founded in 2006, which provides free containers for the separate collection of small electronic equipment waste including light sources and batteries, as well as free takeover of bulky equipment from the company headquarters or from home. For more details call 021 9641.