A new call for recycling!

de | septum. 7, 2020 | News

International Battery Recycling Week - September 7 - 12, 2020

Bucharest, September 7, 2020 Today, September 7, 2020, we mark the celebration of a new edition of International Battery Recycling Week. The initiative belongs EUCOBATE, an international organization of which it is part and ECOTIC BAT.

"This week we will present to the general public a variety of arguments for the separate collection of batteries through various online materials. Follow us on our Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram and YouTube channels - ECOTIC Organization. ”Dragoș Călugăru - General Manager of ECOTIC BAT.

Why collect waste batteries and accumulators (DBA) separately?

Waste batteries and accumulators contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals and their disposal together with household waste leads to soil and water contamination. Some batteries such as Li-Ion present fire hazards and therefore pose a danger to the safety of each of us.

By recycling batteries we recover raw materials that can be reused for our benefit and the environment. from 100 kilograms of recycled batteries we can recover 65 kg of metal raw materials which can be reused.

We also remind you of the danger to which children are exposed in terms of ingestion of pill-type batteries that can cause serious injuries to the airways.

In order to support parents in preventing the ingestion of pill-type batteries, ECOTIC BAT has launched an educational animation that highlights the danger to which children are exposed. At the same time, it presents advice on their correct storage and the main steps that parents must follow in case of unpleasant situations involving the ingestion of batteries.

Animation is available on www.ecotic.ro/baterii and on the channel YouTube - ECOTIC Organization.

Where can we take them?

ECOTIC BAT is firmly and actively engaged in both actions to develop the national collection infrastructure, which has now reached 6735 collection points, as well as those related to communication and awareness of the importance of collecting and not letting such waste reach the landfill. The public is invited to consult the page www.ecotic.ro/puncte-de-colectare/ to identify the nearest collection point for waste batteries.