ECOTIC CARAVAN and projects for students across the country

de | February. 24, 2015 | Ecotic Projects

The "ECO DAYS IN YOUR SCHOOL!" campaign involves schools and their communities - through teachers, students and their families - into eco-activities undertaken by the school within the campaign. The peak of this campaign is when the Caravan stops at the school involved in the project.

Between November 2014 - April 30th 2015, 87 schools were involved and visited in this project, over 40.000 students being present at the educational sessions presented by the ECOTIC Caravan. Now, the Caravan is in Focsani, for the Different School activities.

In Focsani: "Stefan cel Mare", "Nicolae Iorga", no 3 Secondary Schools, "Spiru Haret" Pedagogical High School

In barlad: "George Tutoveanu" Secondary School, "Gheorghe Rosca Codreanu" National College

In Vaslui: "Mihail Sadoveanu" Secondary School

In Iasi: "Alexandru cel Bun", "BP Hasdeu", "George Calinescu", "Carmen Sylva", "Gh. I. Bratianu" Secondary Schools, "Vasile Alecsandri" High School, "Mihai Eminescu" National College, "Vasile Lupu" Pedagogical High School

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In Botosani: Secondary Schools: no. 1, no. 2, no. 10, no. 8 "Elena Rares", no. 12, no. 13, no. 6 "Grigore Antipa", Sports High School, "Stefan Luchian" Art High School

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In dorohoi: Secondary Schools no. 5 "Spiru Haret" and "Mihail Kogalniceanu"

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In have fun: Secondary Schools no. 2, no. 5 "Bogdan Voda" and "Mihai Eminescu"

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In Suceava: Secondary Schools "Miron Costin" and no. 4

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In falticeni: "Al. I. Cuza" School and "Ion Irimescu" Secondary School

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In Targu Neamt:  "Stefan cel Mare" National College and "Vasile Conta" Economic High School

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In Roman: "Calistrat Hogas" and "Vasile Alecsandri" Secondary Schools

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In Piatra Neamt: Secondary Schools no. 2, no. 3, no. 0, "Elena Cuza" and "Petru Rares" National College

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In Bacau: Secondary School "Constantin Platon", "A. Russo", "Al. I. Cuza", "Spiru Haret" and College "Ferdinand"

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In Adjud: College Emil Botta

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In Brasov: Secondary School no. 12, no. 2, Deacon Coresi, no. 9, no. 19, no. 25, College of Sciences "Grigore Antipa" and National Economic College "Andrei Barseanu"

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In It rains: Secondary Schools "Andrei Muresanu", "IA Basarabescu", "Toma Caragiu", "Nichita Stanescu", "George Cosbuc", "Anton Pann" and "Mihai Eminescu"

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In Bargainers: Secondary School "Matei Basarab" and Secondary School Prof. Paul Banica

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In George: Gymnasium Schools no. 5 „Emil Gulian”, „Academician Marin Voiculescu” and National College „Ion Maiorescu”

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In Bucharest: Secondary Schools no. 62, 78, 169, 279, "Avram Iancu", "St. Constantin and Elena", "Luceafarul", "Pia Bratianu", "Titu Maiorescu" and National College "IL Caragiale"

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In AlexandriaSecondary Schools no. 5 and 7, "Stefan cel Mare" and "Mihai Viteazul" 

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In SlatinaSecondary Schools no. 1 and 3, "Nicolae Iorga", "Eugen Ionescu" and "Constantin Brancoveanu" 

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