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On November 12, the ECOTIC Caravan was officially inaugurated in Bucharest, in Alba Iulia Square, in the presence of environmental authorities, partners and media representatives. 

In June of this year, ECOTIC received from the European Commission the approval of the co-financing through the LIFE instrument of the European Union of the project for the awareness of the population regarding the correct recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The project will take place between November 2014 and June 2016, under the name "ECOTIC LIFE CARAVAN".

The central component of the Caravan is a mobile exhibition in which 10 different types of decomposed electrical and electronic equipment are exhibited, highlighting for educational purposes the components of this waste.

The ECOTIC caravan is the awareness project meant to contribute to the change of the attitude of the little ones, as well as of the adults regarding the protection of the environment and the capitalization of the resources, especially towards the waste of electrical and electronic equipment. 

Present at the inauguration of the ECOTIC Caravan, Anne-Rose-Marie Juganaru, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, said: "The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change attaches great importance to awareness of the benefits of recycling and draws attention to negative effects of hazardous substances contained in waste electrical and electronic equipment. Combating these effects is also the reason why the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is close to finalizing a new draft Government Decision on waste electrical and electronic equipment. " 

 "CAROTA ECOTIC LIFE" will actively involve starting this week at least 150 schools across the country, by conducting eco-education classes, environmental competitions, and by the effective collection of these types of waste. 

Also, the Caravan will have an itinerary that will include 30 public markets in the country, where the general public will be invited to visit the Caravan and get acquainted with the world of waste recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

The explanations, movies and games found in this Caravan are for educational purposes to determine those who visit it to act correctly in terms of recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment, emphasizing the benefits of recycling, but also negative effects on health and the environment. of hazardous substances contained in WEEE.

In addition to students, teachers and the general public, another segment of the public targeted by this large-scale project is represented by local authorities. 10 seminars will be organized in 10 centers in the country, where, together with the local authorities, legislative aspects will be debated, as well as the problems that Romania faces in terms of collection rate and awareness of WEEE hazard at national level.

“The ECOTIC Life caravan, a project with European funding, is a continuation of the awareness activities carried out by us in recent years in the direction of raising awareness of the ecological and economic stakes of recycling electrical and electronic waste. We are convinced that this extensive awareness campaign at national level will be an active means of informing and educating the population in the spirit of concern for the environment and for the efficient use of resources, "said Valentin Negoita, President of ECOTIC. 

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The project partners are: Samsung Romania, Dedeman, Vlamir, GreenWEEE, LikeIT, ECOTIC BAT.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the National Environmental Guard, the National Association for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Romanian Programs and Strategies, the Association of Romanian Municipalities, Junior Achievement Romania, the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Information and Communication Technology Equipment.

About the Life + Program:

The LIFE + program is an instrument of the European Commission that finances projects that contribute to the elaboration and implementation of environmental policy and legislation. This program especially facilitates the integration of environmental issues into other policies and more generally, participates in sustainable development. The LIFE + program replaces a number of financial instruments dedicated to environmental protection.