IAȘI municipal collection center

CMCIași is a municipal waste collection center, the first of its kind in Romania.

CMCI part of the STEPS FOR WEEE project - ECOTIC Project, Co-financed by NORWAY GRANT.

The main aim of this project is to improve the collection rates of recyclable waste and reduce the negative impact on the environment, especially of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The main planned result of the project was the construction of a Municipal Center for the Collection of Recyclable and Hazardous Waste, from the population, in Iași.

Within the project we also created a street WEEE collection system, composed of 15 street containers for collecting small WEEE (computers, radios, etc.).

Another activity of the project consisted in conducting a study on WEEE generated in Romania.

At the Iași Municipal Collection Center you can dispose from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, to furniture and clothing. Here is the list of all the categories of waste you can hand over: http://www.cmciasi.ro/deseuri-acceptate/