Winners of the first stage of the "ECO Days in your School!" Campaign

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The first stage of the ECOTIC campaign "ECO Days in your School!" was concluded. Part of the ECOTIC Caravan, this awareness campaign is addressed to students, their parents and teachers in educational institutions with middle school classes. The message regarding the need for the correct collection and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) reached 104 schools in 23 cities across the country, involving over 50.000 students. All schools were entered in a fun and useful contest, and the jury nominated the winners. 20,1 tons of WEEE and 2.25 tons of waste portable batteries and accumulators were collected.

Launched in November 2014, the first stage of the "ECO Days in Your School!" Campaign ended with the school year, in June 2015. Part of the ECOTIC Caravan project, this campaign set itself from the very beginning very clear and easy to monitor objectives: reaching as many schools as possible, and therefore a sensitive audience for education actions (students), the organization of eco-education and awareness actions and their completion with concrete actions for the collection of electrical and electronic waste and used batteries and accumulators. In order to make everything as fun and interactive as possible, the schools were entered in a contest; depending on the level of mobilization and the results obtained, the most eco-friendly schools would be awarded. The ECOTIC caravan is a project co-financed by the LIFE instrument of the European Union.

ECOTIC announces with joy, not only the winners of this contest, but also the extent of the involvement of students, teachers and parents at national level. Along with the ECOTIC team and Ecoterrian, our little friend with a big heart, there were over 50.000 students from 104 schools. With the help of teachers and their parents, students learned about proper collection and recycling, the environment and its protection, the responsible use of the planet's resources, worked to clean the school and their neighborhood, planted trees and plants and created as much as possible. essays, paintings or audio-video materials.

In this stage of the campaign "ECO Days in your school!" over 20 tons of WEEE and over 2 tons of waste portable batteries and accumulators were collected.

ECOTIC and the partners of the "ECOTIC Caravan" project are convinced that all the activities that students and teachers have carried out within the "ECO Days in your school!" Campaign, as well as all the efforts made will translate into a cleaner future due to the actions concrete, environmentally friendly undertaken by students, their families, and all of us.

ECOTIC congratulates everyone and proudly announces the three award-winning schools:

First place and an eco camp for 20 students - "Carmen Sylva" High School in Iasi, coordinating teacher Mariana Dinter;

Second place and a smart board - High school with sports program in Botosani, coordinating teacher Anca Toma;

Third place and a video projector + home cinema system - "Vasile Alecsandri" High School from Roman, coordinating teacher Poenaru Alexandra Georgiana.

The grand prize, the “Mountain Mountain” eco-mountain camp, will take place between June 30 and July 5, 2015, in Gura Raului (Marginimea Sibiului), Sibiu County. The activities proposed by the organizers are diverse, with great interest for high school students thus rewarded for their efforts FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT! Hiking, tourist orientation, setting up a tent camp, thematic seminars (tourist markings, protected plants from the Cindrel Mountains, Water - source of life, first aid, mountain rules), ECO workshops, creative workshops and campfire will be included in the activities to this camp.

ECOTIC and the partners of the ECOTIC Caravan thank everyone for their heartfelt contribution to forming a correct perception of the new generation in terms of environmental protection and care. The ECOTIC team begins preparations for the next stage of the "ECO Days in Your School!" Campaign, which will begin this fall.


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About LIFE:

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