ECOTIC manufacturers - trained in competition law

de | April. 7, 2015 | News

ECOTIC organized in partnership with APDETIC, a communication session on competition law, in order to encourage the adoption of correct behavior and to limit the risk of negative exposure from the point of view of competition law. The seminar on the right of competition took place on 24.02.2015 and was attended by important producers of EEE and batteries / accumulators who handed over the responsibility of non-polluting collection and recycling of WEEE and DBA to ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT. 

Among the points addressed were:

  • What is competition law
  • To whom does it apply
  • What does the relevant market mean?
  • What are the exceptions from the application of competition law and under what conditions it is activated
  • What is the investigation procedure and what are the rights and obligations of the investigated enterprise
  • What are the means to prevent situations of infringement of competition law (compliance program, concrete models of acts and internal procedures)
  • Questions and answers

The seminar was held by av. Magda Popescu.

ECOTIC is dedicated to its producers, offering support in their sustainable development and for the correct application of the legislation.